BlablaBlock is a decentralized crypto mutual fund, managed by community-validated trading experts from multiple exchanges.



Too Hard To Trade

Crypto trading is complicated and overwhelming. You need trading experts to help.

Share To Earn

Share your porfolio anonymously. The more the account value, the more rewards you will get.

Manager Validation Reward

Vote for managers with their trading record. And get the manager validation reward.

Fund Management Reward

Once you are voted as a manager and you make profit for the fund. You can get the fund management reward.



Please feel free to join our Discord , where you can talk to our founder directly. If possible, We will set up an 1-on-1 intro meeting for you.

BlablaBlock is a decentralized mutual fund. Managers are voted by users, and validated with their real trading records.

BlablaBlock is leaded by managers whom are voted by all users.

Every user and manager stay anonymous, but their portfolios are visible to others in order to validate and vote for managers. After voting several managers, BlablaBlock treasury will do copy-trading and follow the managers trading moves.

1. Someone who doesn't have enough time to do research. Managers in BlablaBlock can help you to trade crypto easily and professionally.

2. Someone who is good at crypto trading. Join BlablaBlock can manage the fund and earn fund management rewards passively.

You can purchase the fund through buying the token on DEX. Click here to trade token on PancakeSwap.

During the beta testing, the BLA liquidity pool is not so deep. If you want to trade more, please reach our team through Discord. In order to get the best price.

Please sign up first. And connect APIs as many as you can.

Once you are voted to be a manager, BlablaBlock treasury will automatically copy your trading moves. Then you can lead the fund and earn fund management rewards passively.

BlablaBlock will annually provide 3% of fund TVL and 15% of fund profit as reward.

Fund management reward

If you are voted to be a manager, you can manage the fund and earn the reward. The more profit you trade, the more rewards you will get.

Manager validation reward

If you vote for a manager and he/she made profit, you can recieve some portion of the fund's profit.

Total Value Connected Reward

BlablaBlock encourages users to connect exchanges as many as possible.

Assume BlablaBlock's TVL is $100m, the fund earns $50m in this year and the initial token price is $0.1.

At the end of the year, BlablaBlcok will provide ($100m * 3%) + ($50m * 15%) = $10.5m as reward. And the token price will rise 37.5% to $0.1375.

Our team takes 2% of TVL as management fee annually.

No. All funds will stay in BlablaBlock treasury. It will do copy-trading to managers. We call this as 'passively manage a fund'.